Dave Johnson

Walt's designer purses once sat inside an engine compartment.  Look at them now.

This locking tool box was once a scruffy set of Edsel valve covers.

reconditioned valve covers

Dale Watson singing, "Day At A Time,"
at the 2015 Road Rockets Rumble

Wyatt Maxwell jamming with the
Art Adams Band
in the great state of Indiana

designer valve cover purses

Walt and Squiggy are all smiles
at the Road Rockets Rumble.

Steph, Dave, Walt, Art, and Chuck
at the Road Rockets Rumble, 2015

Miss Amy Griffin
rockin' with Jittery Jack at Road Rockets

Road Rockets Rumble  June, 2015
Indianapolis  (that is a '50 Ford)

Until now, Walt's Car Art has only been available at the annual Road Rockets Rumble in Indianapolis, IN.  He customizes retro-era model hot rods and trucks, transforms classic-era engine valve-covers and refinishes them into quality art pieces and functional car parts, puts some valve-covers together into tool boxes, utility containers, and even attractive, unique designer purses. 

Other art that he likes to make are shadow boxes---frames with car-theme pictures and transparent windows.

Walt would be thrilled to answer any questions from interested old car-lovers on any of his remarkable items available for purchase.  Call him at 269-470-6223 or email him at customizer2024@netzero.com   His booth at the Road Rockets Rumble is always a popular place with visitors from around the country and the world looking over his clever and quality workmanship.  Walt's creations make excellent, curious, and thoughtful gifts.


Walt's Car Art

shadow boxes

Art and Walt checking for rain
inside the Walt's Car Art canopy

customized model cars and trucks.

Walt's Car Art.